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Car Care Tips

Talley’s Body Shop wants you to enjoy the beautiful finish of your vehicle for years to come.  We offer the following car care tips for your convenience.

Caring For Your Vehicle’s New Paint

A few common sense rules are the first things you need to know in order to care for your vehicle’s finish. Do NOT wash or wax your vehicle in direct sunlight.  Always wash & wax in the shade. Make sure the vehicle's surface is cool to the touch by hosing down the entire vehicle starting from the bottom. Never use any household detergents. These detergents were designed to strip grease and grime and can strip off your car's wax protection. A good rule of thumb: If the product came from the kitchen, it is designed to stay in the kitchen. Use only a quality car wash shampoo specifically made for washing cars. Use a large bucket (at least 5 gallons) so that dirt particles sink to the bottom and the fresh suds and water you apply are free of major contamination. Some people use two buckets, one for rinsing and one for the suds. Do not remove snow or ice from painted surface by scraping.  This can cause damage to your new paint that is not covered by warranty. Try not to park under shade trees to protect the finish from sap Park in garage or car port areas as much as possible to extend the life of your vehicle's paint Have your  car detailed once a year
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